Silicone moulds

We make silicone moulds according to the drawing or 3D model.

To prepare the form, we offer:

  • Certified food-grade and freezer-safe silicones.
  • Heat-resistant silicones for casts with very
    low melting temperatures.
  • Translucent silicones.
  • Pigmented silicones.
  • Silicones with different elasticities.

Steps for making a silicone mould without an original part:

I Master detail creation

    1. 3D modelling, 3D scanning
    2. 3D printing
    3. Part processing (sandblasting + grinding + acetone processing

II Preparation of the silicone mould

      1. Mould case making & gluing
      2. Manufacture of silicone
      3. Removal of silicone gases in a vacuum chamber
      4. Silicone casting

III Hardening the silicone form

IV Removing the silicone mould from the mould case

V Cleaning the silicone + washing

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