Laser cutting machines

Pre-ordering of the FLUX HEXA laser cutting machine has started! The price is -20% cheaper for orders placed until 15.02.22.

FLUX series laser cutting machines

The laser cutting machine can cut very thin materials very quickly (e.g. up to 10 mm in the case of plywood and plexiglass, but generally approx. 3-5 mm materials are used). Can cut and engrave wood, plexiglass, leather, carton, cardboard, rubber, paper, felt and other soft materials. Designs can also be engraved on harder surfaces such as glass, concrete, stone and various metals (anodised aluminium, special spray-coated metal or directly on pure metal with a hybrid laser module – including stainless steel).

Laser cutting machines are also an ideal companion for educational institutions. Laser cutting and engraving allows students to finish their designed products quickly and easily in just one hour. Laser engraving is also a good opportunity for the school to make and engrave its own souvenirs (medals, clocks, trophies, plaques, presents, etc.).

The FLUX series laser cutting machines also have a built-in camera, which makes it even easier to use – for example, by placing an object in the laser (such as a wall clock) the camera can display it in the software and place the engraved logo/text directly on the part. This eliminates the time-consuming measurement and detail adjustment process that would be required with other laser machines. The camera can fit a file onto the object in just seconds.


  • 30W Laser
  • 300x210x45 mm work area
  • The dimensions of the device are 615x445x177 mm
  • HD camera, WiFi/Ethernet, touch control panel
  • Free software


  • 40W Laser
  • 400x375x80 mm work area
  • The dimensions of the device are 830x670x250 mm
  • HD camera, WiFi/Ethernet, touch control panel
  • Free software


  • 50W Laser
  • 600x375x80 mm work area
  • The dimensions of the device are 1030x670x250 mm
  • HD camera, WiFi/Ethernet, touch control panel
  • Free software


  • 60W Laser
  • Speed up to 900 mm/s.
  • 730 x 410 mm work area
  • The dimensions of the device are 1110 x 670 x 273 mm.
  • HD camera, WiFi/Ethernet/USB, touch control panel
  • Built-in auto focus adjuster - lets you set the exact focus point on the material at the touch of a button.
  • Free software Beam Studio.

(Discount price for orders placed until 15.02)..

NB! These are pre-orders, delivery from May 2022.

Comes with various accessories and a 2 m exhaust pipe that should be routed to the ventilation system/outside.

Beam Studio software is available free of charge: 

Equipment delivery is free of charge! Short training is also free for BeamBox and BeamBox PRO.


Allows you to filter out bad odours from laser cutting and use the laser even in rooms with no ventilation. 4 filters are in use: pre-filter, central filter, HEPA 13 and carbon filter.

PS! Also suitable for use with other laser cutting machines.


FLUX Autofocus


FLUX Hybrid diode laser for easier metal engraving


FLUX Rotary axis for engraving round parts


Laser tube 30W


Laser tube 40W


Laser tube 50W

Ask for an offer for laser cutting materials as well!
FLUX offers a choice between 37 different laser cutting materials (3mm thick). Order a test set for 149 € + VAT, which includes a 210 × 300 mm sample of all materials.

Prices of materials when ordered individually start from 12 € + VAT/15 plates. Ask for an offer

The prices and different sizes of the materials are detailed here: 

What can you do with laser cutting machine?

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