CNC milling

We offer CNC milling, engraving and 3D processing

Workspace: 3000 x 2000 mm.

We use precise and fast CNC milling machines with automatic tool changers and vacuum tables. If desired, we also offer product finishing and assembly.


  • Plywood
  • MDF, HDF
  • Solid wood, Glulam
  • Plexiglass
  • Various industrial plastics (POM, PE, PA, PP, etc.)
  • Aluminium, brass, copper

If necessary, we are also ready to mill and engrave other materials.


  • File preparation: 30 €/h + VAT
  • Material cost depending on the material
  • Hour price 30 €/h + VAT.
  • Finishing (if agreed in advance)

Minimum order price 30 € + VAT

Please send the drawings in the following file formats: 

  • DXF
  • PDF
  • AI
  • STL (for 3D cutting)
  • OBJ (for 3D cutting)
  • STEP (for 3D cutting)

We have both 2D drawing and 3D modelling software, so if it’s necessary, we can convert project files into suitable production files.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us and we will discuss your ideas and projects in more detail! We generally respond to price inquiries within 30 minutes on business days. Please give prior notice of your arrival.

Henrik Kummer

Priit Norak



Please arrange a visit in advance.