3D printing

3D printing is the production of a three-dimensional part from a CAD file with a 3D printer.

3D printing is used, for example, for rapid prototyping of products, for making or testing moulds, for making visual models and for creating final products.

Where to apply 3D printing?

  • Rapid prototyping – a quick and affordable solution if you want to test the design and functionality of a new product.
  • Moulds – you can test the suitability of the form, as well as make different shapes for candle, soap or chocolate moulds, for example.
  • Spare parts – instead of spare parts and costly repairs, parts can be replaced more cheaply with 3D-printing technology.
  • Finished products – If the quality and material properties are suitable for the product, 3D printing can be used to make the final part.
  • Awards & souvenirs – 3D printing allows you to create awards and souvenirs in a new and personalized form.
  • Models & miniatures – it is possible to create visually accurate models of buildings and landscapes with technological solutions and different models according to the customer’s wishes.


The price is generated based on a simulation of a 3D model. The order of magnitude of the indicative price is provided by the application below, but for an exact price, request a quotation through the form below or by sending an email to info@3dkoda.com

  • FDM technology minimum order is 10 € + VAT.
  • SLA technology minimum order is 30 € + VAT.
  • SLS technology minimum order is 50 € + VAT.

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