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Available 3D printers

(Pildil Ender 3 Pro)

The cheapest choice for the hobby user!

Creality Ender 3 / Ender 3 V2 / Ender 3 PRO

  • 220x220x250 mm work area (Ender 3 / Ender 3 V2 / Ender 3 PRO)
  • Manual calibration
  • USB/SD card, replaceable nozzles, fast warm-up
  • 1 roll of material and a tool kit included with the printer

(Pildil CR-5 PRO)

Affordable 3D printers with a large work area!

Creality CR-10 v3 / CR-10 MAX / CR-5 PRO

  • 300x300x400 mm work area (CR-10 v3)
  • 450x450x470 mm work area (CR-10 MAX)
  • 300x225x380 mm work area (CR-5 PRO)
  • Heated glass printing tray
  • Manual calibration
  • USB/SD card, replaceable nozzles, fast warm-up, good cooling, quiet operation, a sensor that detects when the filament has run out, etc.
  • Closed print chamber (CR-5 PRO only)
  • 1 roll of material and a tool kit is included with the printer.

(Pildil Zortrax M300 Dual)

The best choice for a school or an office!

Zortrax M200 Plus / M300 Plus / M300 Dual

  • 200x200x180 mm work area on M200 Plus version
  • 300x300x300 mm work area on M300 Plus version
  • 265x265x300 mm work area on M300 Dual version
  • Closed print chamber
  • Extremely reliable printers
  • Wi-Fi, LAN, USB, built-in camera, replaceable nozzles, perforated heatable table, automatic calibration, a sensor that detects when the material has run out, resumes operation after power failure, etc.
  • Optional HEPA filter system
  • 1 roll of material (Dual version 2 rolls) and a set of tools that includes everything you need to maintain the printer and clean the parts.

(Pildil Wanhao Duplicator D8 3D-printer)

MSLA/DLP 3D printers, which are suitable for printing particularly detailed objects (mainly suitable for making jewellery/figures/small prototypes).

Creality LD-002R / Anycubic Photon Zero / Anycubic Photon S / Wanhao Duplicator D8 / Flashforge Hunter

  • 119x65x160 mm work area on Creality LD-002R version
  • 97x54x150 mm work area on Anycubic Photon Zero verison
  • 115x65x155 mm work area on Anycubic Photon S version
  • 190x120x180 mm work area on Wanhao Duplicator D8 version
  • 120×67,5×150 mm work area on Flashforge Hunter version
  • DLP liquid printers are extremely accurate - 3D printers with a layer thickness of up to 25 microns
  • Extremely reliable
  • Utilize 405 nm curing materials.
  • The printer comes with a set of tools for machine maintenance and cleaning of print parts. No printing materials are included

PLA/ABS filament bundle - 10 kg

10 kg of freely chosen PrimaValue PLA or ABS
filament. Available in both 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm sizes. Each roll contains 1 kg of filament.

Colour options: black, white, red, blue, green and grey

Total price is 166.50 € + VAT The price of
1 kg of filament is € 16.65 + VAT

DLP/SLA resin bundle - 3 L

3 L optional PrimaCreator Value DLP/SLA resin. Suitable for SLA/DLP 3D printers with a hardening frequency of 407 nm. The size of each jar is 1L. Up to 3 colours can be selected.

Color options: black, white, grey, transparent, translucent red, translucent green, skin tone (beige).

The total price is 135 € + km.
The cost of 1 L resin 45 € + km.

ProductManufacturerWithout VATIncluding VAT
PrimaCreator P120 v4 – BluePrimaCreator€199.00€238.80
Wanhao Duplicator i3 MiniWanhao€159.00€190.80
Wanhao Duplicator 6 – GR2Wanhao€716.00€859.20
Wanhao Duplicator D11 – CGR Mini 6.08″ Mono 2KWanhao€463.00€555.60
Wanhao Duplicator D11 – CGR 8.9″ MonoWanhao€639.00€766.80
Wanhao Duplicator D12/230 – Dual Extruder – 230*230*250mmWanhao€239.00€286.80
Wanhao Duplicator D12/300 – Dual Extruder – 300*300*400mmWanhao€351.00€421.20
Wanhao Duplicator D12/400 – Dual Extruder – 400*400*400mmWanhao€559.00€670.80
Wanhao Duplicator D12/500 – Dual Extruder – 500*500*500mmWanhao€695.00€834.00
Wanhao Boxman-1 UV LED Curing Chamber / BoxWanhao€359.00€430.80
Wanhao Box 2 – Filament DryerWanhao€159.00€190.80
Creality Ender-3 – 220*220*250 mmCreality€199.00€238.80
Creality Ender-3 Pro – 220*220*250 mmCreality€223.00€267.60
Creality Ender-3 v2 – 220*220*250 mmCreality€239.00€286.80
Creality Ender-3 Max – 300*300*340 mmCreality€271.00€325.20
Creality Ender-5 – 220*220*300 mmCreality€271.00€325.20
Creality Ender-5 Pro – 220*220*300 mmCreality€383.00€459.60
Creality Ender-5 Plus – 350*350*400 mmCreality€503.00€603.60
Creality Ender-6 – 250*250*400 mmCreality€519.00€622.80
Creality CR-6 SE – 235*235*250 mmCreality€335.00€402.00
Creality CR-6 Max – 400*400*400 mmCreality€703.00€843.60
Creality CR-10-Mini – 300*220*300 mmCreality€351.00€421.20
Creality CR-10 v2 – 30*30*40 cm large build size 3D printerCreality€439.00€526.80
Creality CR-10 v3 – 30*30*40 cm large build size 3D printerCreality€439.00€526.80
Creality CR-10-S4 – 40*40*40 cmCreality€599.00€718.80
Creality CR-10-S5 – 50*50*50 cmCreality€796.00€955.20
Creality CR-10S Pro v2 – 300*300*400 mmCreality€540.00€648.00
Creality CR-10 Max 450*450*470 mmCreality€716.00€859.20
Creality CR-20 Pro 220*220*250 mmCreality€319.00€382.80
Creality CP-01 3D-Printer / CNC / Laser Engraving – 200*200*200 mmCreality€556.00€667.20
Creality CR-5 Pro – 300*225*380 mmCreality€1,079.00€1,294.80
Creality CR-3040 ProCreality€1,356.00€1,627.20
Creality CR-200BCreality€335.00€402.00
Creality CR-30 Printmill Belt PrinterCreality€919.00€1,102.80
Creality Sermoon D1 – 280*260*310 mmCreality€543.00€651.60
Creality LD-002H Mono LCD Resin 3D PrinterCreality€271.00€325.20
Creality LD-006 Mono LCD Resin 3D PrinterCreality€599.00€718.80
Creality UW-01 – Washing/Curing MachineCreality€127.00€152.40
Creality SL1 – Curing MachineCreality€63.00€75.60
BIQU B1 3D Printer Noble PurpleBIQU 3D€239.00€286.80
BIQU B1 3D Printer BlackBIQU 3D€239.00€286.80
Anet ET4 3D-Printer 220x220x250 mmAnet€215.00€258.00
Anet ET5 3D-Printer 300*300*400 mmAnet€335.00€402.00
Anycubic Photon DLP 3D printerAnycubic€396.00€475.20
Anycubic Photon S – DLP 3D printerAnycubic€399.00€478.80
Anycubic Photon Zero – LCD 3D printerAnycubic€167.00€200.40
Anycubic Photon MonoAnycubic€223.00€267.60
Anycubic Photon Mono SEAnycubic€367.00€440.40
Anycubic Photon Mono XAnycubic€679.00€814.80
Anycubic Mega ZeroAnycubic€167.00€200.40
Anycubic Mega XAnycubic€359.00€430.80
Anycubic Wash & Cure MachineAnycubic€167.00€200.40
Anycubic Photon Zero – LCD 3D printerAnycubic€167.00€200.40
XYZPrinting da Vinci 1.0 ProXYZ Printing€599.00€718.80
XYZprinting, da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3in1XYZ Printing€719.00€862.80
XYZPrinting da Vinci Junior 1.0 ProXYZ Printing€396.00€475.20
XYZPrinting da Vinci Junior Wifi ProXYZ Printing€423.00€507.60
XYZprinting da Vinci Junior Pro X+XYZ Printing€559.00€670.80
XYZprinting Nobel 1.0AXYZ Printing€1,599.00€1,918.80
XYZprinting da Vinci Color miniXYZ Printing€1,439.00€1,726.80
XYZprinting da Vinci ColorXYZ Printing€2,200.00€2,640.00
XYZprinting da Vinci Color AiO with 3D Scanner (PartPro200 xTCS)XYZ Printing€2,300.00€2,760.00
XYZprinting da Vinci SuperXYZ Printing€2,100.00€2,520.00
XYZprinting Nobel SuperfineXYZ Printing€2,200.00€2,640.00
XYZprinting da Vinci NanoXYZ Printing€207.00€248.40
XYZprinting EeezCure180 Curing ChamberXYZ Printing€439.00€526.80
XYZprinting MultiCure180 Curing ChamberXYZ Printing€527.00€632.40
XYZ Laser Engraver Module for Pro 1.0XYZ Printing€200.00€240.00
XYZ Laser Engraver Module for Junior 3in1XYZ Printing€200.00€240.00
XYZPrinting 3D-Scanner 2.0XYZ Printing€191.00€229.20
Zortrax M200 PlusZortrax€2,090.00€2,508.00
Zortrax M300Zortrax€3,592.00€4,310.40
Zortrax M300 PlusZortrax€3,290.00€3,948.00
Zortrax M300 DualZortrax€3,990.00€4,788.00
Zortrax Inventure – Professional 3D printer + industrial qualityZortrax€2,090.00€2,508.00
Bundle – Zortrax Inventure + DSS StationZortrax€3,036.00€3,643.20
Zortrax DSS StationZortrax€569.00€682.80
Zortrax InkspireZortrax€1,690.00€2,028.00
Zortrax Ultrasonic CleanerZortrax€259.00€310.80
Zortrax ApollerZortrax€5,299.00€6,358.80
CreatBot DXCreatbot€1,596.00€1,915.20
CreatBot DX PlusCreatbot€1,756.00€2,107.20
CreatBot DE Plus 2.85mm filamentCreatbot€2,236.00€2,683.20
CreatBot F430 – 420°C versionCreatbot€3,200.00€3,840.00
CreatBot D600Creatbot€7,996.00€9,595.20
CreatBot D600 ProCreatbot€7,600.00€9,120.00
CreatBot F1000 – Large format printerCreatbot€29,000.00€34,800.00
CreatBot F160Creatbot€1,200.00€1,440.00
CreatBot F160 – PEEK VersionCreatbot€1,800.00€2,160.00
INTAMSYS FUNMAT HT EnhancedIntamsys€5,700.00€6,840.00
INTAMSYS FUNMAT PROIntamsys€18,000.00€21,600.00
INTAMSYS FUNMAT PRO HTIntamsys€36,900.00€44,280.00
INTAMSYS FUNMAT PRO 410Intamsys€25,000.00€30,000.00
Vivedino Formbot Raptor 2.0 – 400x400x700mmFormbot€1,116.00€1,339.20
Vivedino Formbot Raptor 2.0+ – 400x400x500mm – New upgraded versionFormbot€919.00€1,102.80
Vivedino Formbot Raptor 2.0+ – 400x400x700mm – New upgraded versionFormbot€1,196.00€1,435.20
Vivedino Formbot T-Rex 3.0+ – Dual Extruder Idex – 400x400x500mm – New upgraded versionFormbot€1,676.00€2,011.20
Vivedino Formbot T-Rex 3.0+ – Dual Extruder Idex – 400x400x700mm – New upgraded versionFormbot€1,919.00€2,302.80
Vivedino Formbot Troodon – 300x300x400mm – Core XY Fully EnclosedFormbot€1,499.00€1,798.80
Vivedino Formbot Troodon – 400x400x500mm – Core XY Fully EnclosedFormbot€1,899.00€2,278.80
Flashforge Creator ProFlashforge€650.00€780.00
Flashforge Creator Pro 2 – IDEX Dual ExtruderFlashforge€750.00€900.00
Flashforge Adventurer 3Flashforge€399.00€478.80
Flashforge InventorFlashforge€890.00€1,068.00
Flashforge Guider IIS / 2S v2 – with High Temp ExtruderFlashforge€1,690.00€2,028.00
Flashforge Creator 3 – Dual Extruder Idex SystemFlashforge€2,100.00€2,520.00
Flashforge HunterFlashforge€3,800.00€4,560.00
FlashForge AD1 Channel Letter 3D PrinterFlashforge€5,000.00€6,000.00
Raise3D Pro2Raise3D€3,500.00€4,200.00
Raise3D Pro2 PlusRaise3D€5,000.00€6,000.00
Raise3D E2Raise3D€3,000.00€3,600.00
Raise3D E2 – EducationalRaise3D€2,999.00€3,598.80
BCN3D Sigma D25BCN3D€3,500.00€4,200.00
BCN3D Epsilon W27BCN3D€4,999.00€5,998.80
BCN3D Epsilon W50BCN3D€6,999.00€8,398.80
BCN3D Smart CabinetBCN3D€2,699.00€3,238.80
Zmorph Fab 3D PrinterZMorph€2,700.00€3,240.00
Zmorph Fab All-in-One 3D PrinterZMorph€3,800.00€4,560.00
Matter and Form 3D Scanner v2 with QuickscanMatter and Form Inc.€663.00€795.60
CANVAS HubMosaic€60.00€72.00
Mosaic Palette 2SMosaic€476.00€571.20
Mosaic Palette 2S ProMosaic€607.00€728.40
CANVAS Hub SMosaic€159.00€190.80
Palette 2S Upgrade KitMosaic€103.00€123.60
Palette 2S Pro Upgrade KitMosaic€119.00€142.80

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